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Nevada Renewable Energy

Clean Energy Today is Energy Independence Tomorrow

Benefit from Nevada Renewable Energy - Improve Your Home and Upgrade Appliances!

NV Residents have access to Nevada Renewable Eenergy Savings Programs Through the State of Nevada Assembly Bill 405 that was Approved in 2017. When You Need to Replace the A/C, Water Heater, or Windows For Your Home, DO NOT Go Out of Pocket to Pay the Costs For These Expensive Upgrades. As a Nevada Resident you Have Federal Programs That Will Pay the Upfront Costs to Have Them Installed.

For More Information on How to Qualify and Apply, Contact Us or Simply Fill Out the Form Below and One of Our Qualified Energy Assessors Will Reach Out to You and Walk You Through the Qualifaction and Application Process.

Nevada Clean Energy Solutions

NVRenew would like to empower your household with industry-leading solar technology. Clean solar energy can provide your home and family with energy independence.

But wait, are all of Nevada’s Renewable Energy programs solely based on owning and installing solar panels on my property? 

No! Clean energy is NOT limited to your home’s solar power system. 

The following are fantastic energy-saving examples that contribute to a clean energy home.

Get the Federal Government Incentive for Nevada Renewable Energy Now!

Solar energy in the United States has experienced an exponential amount of growth, with companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google leading with the most renewable energy contracts. However, you don’t need to be a massive tech company to benefit from the independence of solar power energy. 

Thanks to incentive programs established by the Federal Government, Nevada residents can receive a tax credit refund of up to 30% on their solar installation. 

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Nevada State Energy Grid

How Does Nevada get their energy to power its resident’s homes?
  • Currently at 60% coal and only 40% renewables (sun & wind)
  • Nevada is a clean state. We shut down our last power plant near Moapa over 5 years ago
  • Question #7 on the NV 2020 ballot was approved. This will mandate Nevada energy to be 50% renewables by 2025
  • The sun is a reliable source of energy. It’s there EVERY day!

Why use energy that is harmful to our environment when Nevada renewable energy is a sustainable solution


Safe, Clean, Renewable

Clean Renewable Energy
Has Never Been Easier.

Nevada’s renewable energy is an energy source that has been derived from the earth’s natural resources that are not finite or exhaustible, such as wind and sunlight. 

Renewable energy is an alternative to the traditional energy that relies on fossil fuels, and it tends to be significantly less harmful to the environment.

One of the benefits of solar energy is that sunlight is functionally endless. With the technology to harvest it, there is a limitless supply of solar energy, meaning it could render fossil fuels obsolete. Relying on solar energy rather than fossil fuels, also helps us improve public health and environmental conditions. In the long term, solar energy could eliminate energy costs and in the short term, reduce your energy bill. Many local, state, and federal governments also incentivize the investment in solar energy by providing rebates or tax credits.

Nevada Renewable Energy FAQ

Bottom line these are energy savings programs that have no out of pocket costs to upgrade your home with energy efficient appliances and equipment.

Appliances, windows, solar and security screens, boilers, HVAC, water heater, insulation, smart thermostats, LED’s, even solar.

They are intended to do just the opposite. Whenever you are reducing your usage, you will lower your electric costs and save money.

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