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Nevada Clean Energy Program

Nevada gets federal government energy program approval

Why Nevada's Clean Energy Program Matters

In 2017, Governor Brian Sandoval gave his approval and signed into law Assembly Bill 405, a significant step forward for Nevada’s clean energy program. At the heart of this Assembly bill is the recognition that every resident has the right to harness the power of renewable energy. As a resident, you have the ability to generate, consume, and even export your own renewable energy. Plus, by reducing your reliance on grid electricity, you can make a positive impact on our environment.

Peace of Mind

Power failure can strike at any moment. Rest easy knowing  your home can provide energy.

Clear Conscious

Solar energy is the first of many steps to lowering your carbon foot print. Together we can make a difference.

Attention, Nevada Residents! Your NV Energy bill already includes the following charges:

When Nevada signed into State law Assembly Bill 405 this became the most important program that is available to Nevada residents. These Federal Government programs allow us to make our homes more energy efficient with assistance from rebates, discounts, tax credits and no out of pocket costs. Unfortunately, NVENERGY is already charging us on our electric bills every month, even if you were unaware of them, so that there is no way to “opt out” or have the charges removed from your bill. These also require modifications to your property which can only be decided by the owner. Therefore, if you rent or reside in an apartment, there’s no way to participate, yet you are still getting charged!

  • Temporary Green Power Financing – The TRED is a trust created by the Legislature to support renewable energy developers. It helps them secure funding to build their renewable generating plants, especially when they face difficulties in financing. The trust ensures that these developers can fulfill their contracts to sell electricity to NV Energy.
  • Renewable Energy Program – NVEnergy customers are charged $6.612 per month to support NV renewable energy programs
  • Energy Efficiency Charge – Also known as the “Electricity usage charge,” NVEnergy customers are charged $0.00039 for every kilowatt-hour used All funds support Nevada’s Energy Assistance and Conservation Fund according to state law. Late Fee: 1% of any unpaid balance from the previous bill.


Nevada Clean Energy Program & Energy Efficiency Charge

If Approved There Are $0 Out of Pocket Costs!

3 Programs under the Nevada Clean Energy Program

With the exciting news that Nevada has been approved for the Federal Government clean energy act, there are three important programs under this law to be aware of:

  • Energy Efficiency Program
  • Renewable Energy Program
  • Net Metering

To explore the benefits of each clean energy program, simply click the links provided below and discover how you can make the most of these programs.

Nv Net Metering Infographic

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