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Sell Your Excess Energy Back to NV Energy and Save

Net Metering in Nevada

Net metering allows customers to use energy generated by their solar system when ever they want, to offset their monthly power bill. 

If a customer’s solar system produces more energy in a billing period than used, the excess energy will be sold back to NV Energy at a premium rate! Selling excess energy back to NV Energy also spares the owner from having to purchase a storage solution for excess energy.

This program is tiered and set to decrease over time as the combined amount of applied-for and installed capacity of net metering systems hits 80-megawatt benchmarks.

Nevada net metering customers won’t be treated any different than non-net metering customers. Both parties will will remain in the same class, won’t be hit with any extra fees and will pay only the standard service charges. 

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Nevada Clean Energy Program & Energy Efficiency Charge

If Approved There Are $0 Out of Pocket Costs!
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Nevada Net Metering Rate Tiers

Net metering customers can fall into one of four tiers, determined by the date they agreed to start net metering on.

Tier 1 – 95% of Retail Rate:

This tier rate was available for those who agreed to net meter on or after June 15, 2017 and just over a year late in August of 2018, 80 megawatts of combined applied-for and installed capacity was reached.

Tier 2 – 88% of Retail Rate:

With the combined applied-for and installed capacity of net metering systems under Tier 1 reaching 80 megawatts, the net metering rate saw a decrease to 88% of the retail rate. Notably, Tier 2 came into play in August 2018 and closed in June 2019.

Tier 3 – 81% of Retail Rate:

Similar to the previous tier, once tier 2 reach a combined 80 megawatts the net metering rate decreased to 81% of the retail rate. Tier 3 was available for those who applied from June 2019 to June 2020.

Tier 4 – 75% of Retail Rate:

In June 2020 Tier 3 reach its combined total of 80 megawatts and the net metering rate for Tier 4 decreased to 75% of the retail rate. Tier 4 is now open for registration, and those who sign up under this rate will retain it for a duration of 20 years at the original installation location of the net metering system. There is no capacity limit for tier 4. The net metering rate will remain at 75% of the retail rate, unless modified by legislative action.

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