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NV Renew FAQ

Nevada Clean Energy Program Frequently Asked Questions

Bottom line these are energy savings programs that have no out of pocket costs to upgrade your home with energy efficient appliances and equipment.

Appliances, windows, boilers, HVAC, water heater, insulation, solar and security screens for windows and doors, smart thermostats, LED’s, even solar.

Nevada already signed solar into State Legislation through Assembly Bill 405. All NV residents can now generate their own power instead of having to buy it from an electric utility company like NVEnergy.

EnergyStar rated equipment are designed to use less energy than standard appliances, therefore any of the home improvements available will lower your energy usage

They are intended to lower your energy costs so it makes sense to apply for any program you can, but since these are now signed into State Law there is no way to opt out. 

No! They are intended to do just the opposite. Whenever you are reducing your usage you will lower your electric bill and save money.

Net metering allows NVENERGY customers to use the energy generated by the solar panels to offset their monthly power bill. Since they are buying the power from homes that have solar and selling to the homes that don’t. It’s very important to see if your home can qualify to apply to be a net metered home.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that we get our power from Hoover Dam. We are still on the older method of coal but will be at 100% by the year 2050. NV is the 4th state to become a clean energy state

When you apply for the Net Meter program through NVENERGY, NV Renew will guide you through owning your equipment. This will lower your monthly average at about 10-20% and allow you to apply for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Your monthly rate will be a fixed rate that can be paid off instead of an increasing rate that never ends.

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